LITM Media has passed a full year of business, and we cannot believe how fast the time has gone by! Our company has grown bigger than we possibly could have imagined, and it’s growing bigger each day! We want to thank our “lucky stars” for such an amazing opportunity. Perhaps this was all predestined. Perhaps it was “written in the stars”…

Our theme for this month for September is “Written in the Stars”, and our Client of the Month is New York author and astrotheologist Micah Dank.

Born in New York and residing in Boston, Micah Dank is the author of the brand new Into the Rabbit Hole series. Dank has a Bachelor’s degree in Language Literature and Criticism from CUNY Hunter College. In researching his books, Micah has become fascinated in the esoteric sciences, including astrology and astrotheology, and has featured them prominently in his work. Dank decodes ancient texts while weaving into them gripping stories.

ABOUT LITM's cLIent of The Month:

Each month we will select one of our fascinating clients to spotlight their achievements and accomplishments, along with setting an overall theme for the month.
We will be posting something for everyone including inspirational messages, tips and tricks for authors, speakers, and podcasters, the latest in the news of the world of high strangeness, and other things in line with each month’s theme. We hope you will participate and contribute as well.
LITM Media’s Client of the Month is an opportunity for us to highlight our clients so you can learn more about the vast range of topics we represent. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and learn more about these interesting topics that may be eye-opening or brand new to you.